The RowZone Advantage

A RowZone fitness franchise delivers the best of both fitness formats:

RowZone provides a unique low-impact, calorie-blasting workout using the latest rowing technology in a friendly, team-focused studio setting led by personalized instructors familiar with each member’s individual weight and health goals.

Most importantly, RowZone’s fitness professionals are educated and equipped in the RowZone Method which empowers individuals to achieve their goals through an extraordinarily effective methodology combining exercise, diet and motivation.

A RowZone franchise is designed to fill an under served market segment:

RowZone appeals to individuals who are serious about enhancing their health through low-impact, highly-efficient exercise delivered with no-nonsense professional expertise.

The RowZone Method is built on a strong foundation of biomechanics, not fitness fads, frills or high maintenance facilities. For those following fitness fashion trends, there are multiple gyms-du-jour.

For those seeking the fastest, most-effective way to look and feel great at every stage of life, there is the performance-proven destination: RowZone!

Exercise Calories Burned
Calorie Burn Rates approximated on 155 lb. person exercising at moderate rate. Because many physical and genetic factors vary, use for comparative purposes only.
per hour per RowZone Session (45 minutes)
RowZone Indoor Rowing 600-800 450-600
Swimming Laps 490 368
Stationery Bicycle 386 290
Weight Lifting 340 255
Walking on Treadmill 246 185