What is RowZone®?

The RowZone® workout is a unique blend of conventional rowing and full body toning exercises. Our upbeat classes will challenge your mind and body while giving you a workout that you will never forget. Trainers change up the routines in each class so your body won’t get bored and you will continue to see results. Besides burning 600-800 calories, the RowZone® workout is low impact so you can get all of the benefits of running, squatting, and lifting without the wear and tear on your body. With The Crew Effect, we have created a positive environment where everyone is trying to help each other succeed. If you are new to RowZone® instead of feeling pressure to keep up with the class, you will be encouraged and supported. It is time to feel good about getting in shape. Get into it!®

Our 45 minute workout led by expert instructors will:

Happy RowZone Members

  1. Burn Fat
  2. Build lean muscle
  3. Improve your core strength
  4. Improve your posture
  5. Improve your flexibility
  6. Increase your endurance
  7. Make you feel great!

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