A quick home workout: move your bodyweight!

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A quick home workout:  move your bodyweight!


While we are waiting for our phenomenal new location to open at 1717 Chestnut (2nd floor), you may find yourself having a few more “rest” days than you used to. If you’re not able to make it to the Art Museum workouts that Mike and Petar are running, this post is for you!

We talk often about the whole-body workout of rowing, and the workout described here is meant to keep your total body fitness primed until you can get back on the rowing machine. The challenge?  To move your bodyweight!  Give this workout a try at home, preferably in the morning before you grab breakfast (which you really should not skip, by the way!), or somewhere outside if the weather permits.

Bodyweight Workout:

Go through this circuit 5 times without breaks if you can. The goal is to do as many as you can in each time live roulette interval.  Try and stay consistent from interval to interval (e.g., do 30 squats in each of the five 1-minute intervals you complete).

Squats – 1 minute (See the picture, forgive the clearly photoshopped image, and note the good form!  Hips drop back and thighs parallel to the ground!)
Planks – 45 seconds (Do not listen to your abs!  They lie to you!)
Push-ups – 30 seconds (Emphasize your form.  Elevate your hands on a bench, table, or wall, as needed to accommodate your current strength.)_

Hamstring stretches!  At least two minutes per leg.  The overall theme for stretching = stretch until you feel a difference.  It takes longer than one might want, but not so long as we imagine.

Post your reps to the comments section below!


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