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Join us for a fun, fast, 45 minute workout.

Check out our full Schedule of available classes.

Contact us through our Contact Form to schedule an appointment.

RowZone Corpus Christi Special Offer

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  1. Megan Green, 8 years ago Reply

    I’m interested in taking a few Row Zone classes and would like more information about the free trial class.

  2. VALERIE JUAREZ, 7 years ago Reply

    My husband and I would love to try out your program. I am looking for a gym that I can see results and feel confident.

  3. Ruby Carrillo, 7 years ago Reply

    I would love to try a class. Are there membership contracts?

  4. Carrie, 6 years ago Reply

    My sister and I are interested in trying a trial class at Row Zone. I was wondering if we needed to schedule an appointment or if it is walk-in?

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