RowZone Testimony

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I received a RowZone workout flier in the mail, and decided to try it out.  The day there I got instruction , and decided to try the 2000 meter challenge!!

I thought I was going to die! I stuck with it from April thru July.  I lost nearly 30 lbs, my BMI went from in the 30’s to the 20’s, my fat reduced by 4.9%, and I looked and felt amazing!

I am currently in Canada on contract, and where I work they have a C2 rower and I am on it daily…I do not have the handsome men and women trainers there by my side, but the RowZone got me started and now I am forever indebted to the great instruction I received..

I recommend RowZone to anyone who does not like working out..45 minutes a day, you sweat like crazy, you have your personal trainer there, and you are a happy family of people that are excited and enjoy a challenging workout!  Miss you guys so much…Dee


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